Baking Classes In New York City
Baking school classes
   Baking Classes NYC | Dessert Lessons

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Baking Classes NYC

Chef Frank's School of Culinary Arts wishes to enroll new students in the fine art of pastries through a new course, Baking Classes NYC. We are only accepting 10 students for these classes because we want our program to have a low ratio of students to instructors. You don't have to speak the French language in order to register, but you do have to pay a little money. It will be money well spent because you will learn so much from our teacher, Chef Masseur Frank, New York City's finest.

Only in The Big Apple can students learn the art of baking with an exquisite style that only the French teachers know. They do not reveal their secrets regarding pastries and other desserts to just any NYC resident. They only reveal their secrets to students who take the NYC cooking classes at the school. Teachers of the classes must see that the student has pride in mixing and preparing the ingredients for the food. When the ingredients have been mixed together in the proper proportions, and when they are further baked at just the right temperature and for just the right amount of time, a delicious dish comes out of the baking oven to be consumed by taste buds, and the taster will... well... how do you say? Bon Appetit!

Sugar, flour, vanilla, cream and eggs: These are the ingredients to make a fresh dessert. If the NYC pupil studies in classes well, then she will surprise the teacher with a new creation. If the creation is especially good to eat, the master might even place it on the menu of a restaurant where the student might someday work. The chef works in the NYC restaurant with zeal, baking the food and sending it out to the customers. Some food is fried to impart flavor, some food is chilled to make it delightful to the tongue, and desserts are baked to brown the crust and make the filling firm.

There are classes in baking the main dish, as well as classes in the proper preparation of desserts in the kitchen. The student will learn that baking some main courses, such as trout or red snapper, at 350 degrees for one hour will cook the fish to perfection. They will also learn that baking a lemon meringue pie at 375 degrees enhances the flavor of the lemon. Whether it is a main course or a dessert, baking is an important part of the NYC program.
   Make breakfast with Belgium waffle mix. Kids enjoy the hot and spict fireball candy balls.